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This pouch is made to fit virtually any high capacity 9mm/40Cal pistol magazines. There is an Alan wrench adjustment screw on the side to change the retention of the pouch (Alan wrench not included). The pouch is also ambidextrous, the Tek-Lok can be placed to accommodate both right and left-handed shooters, we only ask for your carry side so that we can initially set up the pouch for your preference.

Universal Hi-Cap 9mm/40Cal Mag Pouch w/ Tek-Lok
Universal Hi-Cap 9mm/40Cal Mag Pouch w/ Tek-Lok
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Product Description

Universal Hi-Cap 9mm/40Cal Mag Pouch w/ Tek-Lok
Magazines can also be placed in the pouch rounds forward or rounds backward by simply adjusting the retention screw.

This pouch is not meant to work for high capacity 45 Cal magazines nor any single stack magazines.

We tested, and the pouch perfectly retained all of the following mags (all 9mm/40cal high cap): Glock, M&P, Sig Sauer, XD, H&K, XDM, Berretta, CZ 75, Browning Hi power, Ruger SR9, Walther PPQ