You can only add holsters with MOLLE attachments. Belt can be used in combination with vest, plate carriers and chest rigs.

FIDELIS Padded War Belt
FIDELIS Padded War Belt
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FIDELIS Padded War Belt
4" width, 1/2" Closed Cell Foam Padding.

For Waist size 28 to 33 we recommend Small. For Waist size 34 to 39 we recommend Medium. For Waist size 40 to 46 we recommend Large.

Designed for long lasting comfort, virtually limitless adjust-ability, and extreme rugged construction, the padded FIDELIS War belt will change the way you look at belts forever. Gone are the days when just a few items on a belt start to dig into the hips and low back. The Belt 1/2 padding and design provide all day comfort even when loaded to its maximum capacity. The entire padded section is all MOLLE (Pals). The belt is secured in place with a thin inner belt system that uses military grade Velcro as an added stability measure. This allows the belt to be quickly worn / removed without removing anything from the belt. Additionally, the inner belt system prevents the belt from rotating when secured a common problem with many outer belts in the field. The construction of the webbing is reinforced with Spectra non-rip backing to provide even more strength and durability to an already rock solid modular system.


 COBRA Buckle
To be added to our Padded War Belts.
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