Please allow us 1 to 3 weeks for delivery of these items. If you write your actual measured waist in the comment box when checking out, we will custom make the belt to properly fit you with available adjustments. PLEASE DO NOT GO BY PANTS SIZE. ONLY MEASURED WAIST.


Example of Proper MeasuringBlack Multicam Outer Cobra Belt 1.75"
1.75" AOR1 Contractor Belt
Camo Print 1.5" Contractor Belt
Multicam 1.75" Contractor Belt
Multicam 1.75" Outer Cobra Belt
EDC Extra Mag Gun Belt
1.5" Contractor Belt
Outer Cobra-Rig Belt
Two Tone Tac. Rigger Belt
1.75" Two Tone Contractor Belt
1.75" Contractor Belt
Outer Cobra Belt
Multitool Clip On Pouch
Clip On Radio Pouch
Open Handheld Tactical Flashlight Pouch/clip
Handgun Light -Clip On Pouch
Mini IFAK Belt Loop Pouch
SAMPLE USGG XD Tactical Custom Holster, Contractor Belt and Open Pistol Clip PouchSAMPLE Contractor Belt with US Grunt Gear Custom Made HolsterSAMPLE USGG Holster with USGG Kydex Pistol Pouches
Example of Infidel Belt Being Switched to the Outer Cobra Belt.ADDITIONAL VELCRO INNER BELT
IWB High Cap Mag Clip on Pouch
Open Triple MP5 Clip On Mag Pouch
Open/Lid High Cap Triple Pistol Clip On Pouch
4th Gen Open Pistol Clip On Triple Mag Pouch
MPX and CZ Scorpion 9mm Tac. Clip on Pouch
MPX and CZ Scorpion 9mm Double Clip on Mag Pouch
4th Gen Open Pistol CLIP ON Double Pouch
Open/Lid Hi-Cap Pistol  Mag Single Pouch/Clip on Belt Attachment
4th Gen. Open High Cap Pistol Mag Single Pouch/Clip on Belt Attachment
Open/Lid Hi-Cap Pistol  Mag Double Pouch/Clip on Belt Attachment
5th GEN Open M16 BELT Single Clip on Pouch
5th Gen Open M16 Belt Double Clip on Pouch