This bundle includes 1- (Gun w/ Light) OWB Conceal-Tac Charlie Holster-No Cant and 4- Pistol Mag Pouches with TEK-LOK

OWB Light Bundle
OWB Light Bundle
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Product Description

OWB Light Bundle
Holster is for guns with lights attatched. Low cut in front and back of holster, for faster draws. Made for conceal carry. The holster curves to the body with rounded edges, for a snag free wear, and a comfortable cut. Retention screw for tension adjustability.

Pouches are made with the TEK-LOK belt adapter. It will adapt from 1" to 2" belts. Rounds Facing Foward. Can also be used for USPSA and IDPA competition.

Buying this bundle saves you 10% off of buying each item separately.