Designed for CAT Tourniquets. How to install: Loosen screw(s) at bottom of of holster platform. 2) Slip TK Pouch strap between holster and platform (refer to pictures below for placement). 3) Tighten screw(s) again.

TK Pouch with Holster Strap (No Lid)
TK Pouch with Holster Strap (No Lid)
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Product Description

TK Pouch with Holster Strap (No Lid)
This pouch is perfect if you are looking to save space on your belt. The strap is made to wrap around the holster and keep the tourniquet pouch at the front of the holster. Elastic keeps the tourniquet in place without a need for a lid on the pouch.

*Tourniquet NOT included.*

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